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What does this web
developer create?

A web developer that creates projects for small to medium businesses and individuals to help bring your brand to life.

The outcome you need is different to anyone else’s so you can draw on my experience and disciplines to help you get there through the design and development process.

I have been developing commercially and privately for over 15 years.

Contact me to have a chat and see if I can help you get things moving. Below is some of the work I have created for clients…


Urban Earth

This unique and award winning landscape design company were in need of a new approach to illustrate their incredible work. The previous site was exploding with content which is great to work with, but it needed to be presented in a much more accommodating design.

Based on the fact that the majority of people visiting the website are people who don’t yet have a landscaped outdoor space, I designed a website that educates and inspires people to have that decision made!

RJ Spellman Renovations

Smooth animations, elegant transitions and subtle hover effects all make this site a pleasure to use. Ryan had been using Wix for his previous site and that just wouldn’t do. The new site uses a gold and black colour palette giving it that elegant feel.

The website was designed in a way that kept all the information accessible. Generally for this kind of trade, the user just wants to contact the site. So wherever you are on the site, this option is always available, especially on devices.

Red Bay Pilates

Grace has meticulously built up her pilates business in Devon making it a huge success. Her old site was still doing the job but after a rebrand from our good friend at Bearded Creative Studio, the website wanted to play too.

This website is currently in development and will be released very soon!

HK Woodworks website project image.

Hk Woodworks

I have been working with Nick for many years through various projects. His passion for creating stunning and one of a kind pieces of furniture is something to behold. What I love about Nick and his ethos is that he never wants frills and fancy stuff.

“I hate things moving around on a website, flashing in and out, sliding. It’s all terrible – build me a simple site”. So I did…

This will go live when Nick has finalised all the imagery into multiple galleries to show off his work. It looks simple on the outside but underneath, there’s a lot going on that Nick doesn’t care about. 🤣

Slice House - Toms River NJ

Slice House is a pizza restaurant in Toms River in New Jersey. I was super excited to be able to build them a rad site that kept in line with their branding, ethos and all round humble family values.

Stefano was easy to work with and allowed me to lead on the design. It’s been a great experience to be able to build a site that’s for a family business in the states.



EDRS Paintworks

EDRS Paintwork are a serious body repair shop in Greendale, Exeter. Having been approached by them after seeing the Red Bay Pilates website they wanted me to create them something that was a better for than their Google website.

The website is simple, slick and fast with some subtle animations and bold colours. The design and site were exciting to create and now the company have a fresh look to go with their fresh resprays!

Markers Garden Furniture

Markers Garden Furniture were looking for a website to show off their products but were not looking for a full ecommerce solution just yet. They are testing the water for bigger things to come.

The website looks and feels like an ecommerce website, but under the hood WordPress is being used to it’s most native form to create that feel. They are able to add new products and the site takes care of where to place these in the respective pages.

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